Portable, reliable and with a great character: The line of the Pacific Nardi Compressors, was designed with its most demanding customers and do not want compromise. For years, the Pacific line charging tanks for scuba divers from around the world, ensuring the reliability and quality that only Nardi Compressors can give. These compressors have the range of capacities from 160l / min to 350l / min, with a maximum pressure of 350 bar.


  • The pumping units are equipped with condensate separators between each compression stage to remove more impurities and condensation can; automatic condensate discharge, which is protected by international patent, given its efficacy and its silent during discharges;
  • Lubrication is mainly splash of oil, and can be integrated with an oil pump for lubrication; processing and treatment of components is always in step with new technologies, extending the life and reliability of each individual component of the compressor. Low vibration and low noise, low power consumption and high performance with even higher efficiencies.
  • The filter unit is available in three versions: PAC1, PAC2, PAC3. The electronic controls of the compressor make it safe and independent, and it is possible to further increase the safety with our new NARDI AIR CONTROL SYSTEM, integrated directly into the control panel, which displays the air quality in real time, transmitting data as TEMPERATURE, O2, CO, CO2, HUMIDITY ‘and DEW POINT, and consequently the state of the filter cartridge. reliable electric motors designed and built by Nardi Compressors specific for each model type; separation filter for specific models paintball; specific voltages on request; in accordance with the directives DIN EN 12021 and with the PED;

Research and development is our strength, because we design the future!