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The NARDI line INDUSTRY is able to meet the needs in the medium and high pressure installations, in which find their applications inert gases such as nitrogen, in the field of laser cutting, plasma cutting, plastics molding and gas injections to high pressures.

The LOW PRESSURE line constitutes a high-level basis as regards 0-10BAR pressures up to a maximum of 30 Bar, strictly oil-free, then no oil for lubrication. The materials that make these compressors are technologically advanced.

The breathable air is life, and we life we dedicate to design and build reliable compressors, technologically advanced, highly practical and that last over time, thanks to materials 1 * choice and increasingly demanding quality controls.

The MEDICAL line also constitutes a basis of high standards as regards medical compressors, for dental surgeries, laboratories for analysis where a high air purity is required. Pressures 0-10BAR, strictly oil-free, then no oil for lubrication.

Our Services

We put much value on customer satisfaction. We guarantee local technical support through qualified partners in your area or our technicians will travel directly to any installation location all over the world to ensure a correct plant installation

Full System Installation

Turn-key installations of standard OXYSWING® PSA oxygen/nitrogen generators, either on a single skid or inside an ISO freight container. Special oxygen/nitrogen gas generating systems for high pressure oxygen/nitrogen cylinder

Onsite Installations

We specializes in the design and installation of onsite systems, along with a full suite of earth works services. Core competencies revolve around the development of building sites; from excavation for services, supply and placement.


Receiving, surface preparation, testing, assembly, documentation, inspection and packaging are built into the total processing timeframe. In some cases, this could mean same day delivery while in other cases, several days.

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