(ENG) This is an automatic electronic controller, flexible and reliable with a large display and touch commands in an easy-to-use modern and compact design. The LP CONTROL DEVICE controls up to three pump units autonomously depending on the air quantity requirement of the user which rules the starting up of a single or more pump units. Therefore, the amount of air needed would give the system the input to run the pump units one by one to cater for the air quantity needed. When a limited amount of air is needed, the LP CONTROL DEVICE starts a single pump unit, on rotation, this way all pump units will have an equal working time. If more air is needed and a single pump unit is not enough, then the LPCD will start the second electric motor and in case more power is needed to reach the pressure needed, it will also run the third electric motor. This kind of working sequence of the pump units is an important energy saver since it avoids frequent and high peaks of electrical consumption. In manual mode, during maintenance operations on one or more pump units, the user selects which pump unit to run and which one/s to keep turned off.

The automatic control device memorizes the total working hours of the compressor and the working hours of every single pump unit and dryer installed. The motor switches have a thermal control which, in case of an electric overload, stops the motor and informs the automatic system of an ongoing malfunction. This will immediately start another motor this way there is no halt in the work of the user. The LPCD launches a message when the compressor is due for regular maintenance and also in case any alarm activates since the working hours of all pump units on the compressor are equal. It is possible to collocate up to 10 LP CONTROL DEVICES, therefore a maximum of 30 pump units by means of an RS485 connection.

This controlled system consents a better stability of the process, optimization of the compressor and the pumping units, maximization of the working hours, reduction of energy costs and minimum maintenance operations. Upon request, it is possible to add an extra module to have the LPCD send notifications to a determined email address giving real time information about the conditions of the compressor (IoT system).